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European New School of Digital Studies

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︎︎︎Digital war sensing and witnessing

︎︎︎Algorithmic accountability in platform economies

︎︎︎Ethnographic and open-ended approaches, cooperative research, qualitative digital methods

PROJECTS (selection)

In progress:

War Sensing project, 2024-2027 (SFB 1187 Media of Cooperation)

Algorithmic accountability in platform economies: emp
irical research in Vilnius and Berlin

Book: Images and Objects of Russia’s war against Ukraine, Forum Transregionale Studien (together with Natasha Klimenko and Viktoria Sereda), publication date: 2024

Navigationen issue: Delivery/Liefern  (together with Julia Bee, Uni Siegen), publication date: 2024

Empirical research on communicative Telegram practices and digital witnessing (together with Mykola Makhortykh, Uni Bern)

Finished (selection):

Paper (2024): “How should platforms be archived? On sustainable use practices of a Telegram Archive to study Russia’s war against Ukraine” (Media, Culture & Society), together with Taras Nazaruk, Center for Urban History Lviv, Yarden Skop, Uni Siegen, Mykola Makhortykh, Uni Bern, Alexander Martin, Uni Siegen

Video essay: Images and Objects of Russia’s war against Ukraine (2023), together with Natasha Klimenko, FU Berlin). Premiere @ Agents of Concern opening evening in November 2023 in Hasselt (BE)

Special feature (2022): “Memory under Fire: Data Practices during Russia’s War in Ukraine” (Sociologica) together with Yarden Skop

Paper (2022): “Archiving the Present. Critical Data Practices during Russia‘s War in Ukraine” (Sociologica) together with Yarden Skop.

Book (2022): The Post-Socialist Internet: How Labor, Geopolitics and Critique Produce the Internet in Lithuania (Transcript Verlag)

Paper (2021): Situating the Internet as Infrastructure: the Case of Post-socialist Lithuania (Internet Histories) 

Paper (2018): “Future-Past Infrastructures of Poland and Lithuania” (Obieg) together with Viktorija Rusinaitė

TALKS (selection)

2024︎︎︎Panel and talks at EASST/4S in Amsterdam (upcoming)

2024︎︎︎Discussion participant at Tensions of Europe conference at European University Viadrina (upcoming)

︎︎︎Talk at workshop “(Para-) Military Violence, War Crimes in Post-Soviet Conflicts and Narratives of the Russo-Ukrainian War” at the Leibniz Centre for Contemporary History in Potsdam (upcoming)

2024︎︎︎Talks “War bias: Auditing how Western and Russian image-generative Al models represent the war in Ukraine” and “From arrested to digitally witnessable war: How Russia's war in Ukraine is documented, narrated, and critiqued on Telegram” at ICA regional conference “Human Tech Transition: Crises in Mediatized Politics, Society & Economy”, together with Mykola Makhortykh

2023︎︎︎Talk and Video Essay Images and Objects of Russia’s war against Ukraine at the exhibition and conference “Agents of Concern” in Hasselt, together with Natasha Klimenko

2023︎︎︎Talk “Digitally witnessable war: Unfolding of Telegram communication in the context of the Russian war in Ukraine”, at workshop Digital Wars, University of Flensburg, together with Mykola Makhortykh

2023︎︎︎Talk “Future Work of Software Developers with AI” at STS Italia in Bologna

2023︎︎︎Talk “A Short History of Digital Publics at War” at the Fernuni Hagen 

2022︎︎︎Talk “Exploiting your AI?” at EASST Madrid, together with Marcus Burkhadt and Shadan Sadeghian

2022︎︎︎Talk “Platform Accountability Demands in Conversation with Tilly's 'Social Movements'” at the EHU DAAD Summer School “The Last European Dictatorship and a Platformization Frontier? Platforms and Infrastructures of Political Power in Belarus in the 2020s” in Vilnius

2022︎︎︎Co-organisation of an online data sprint “Russia’s war in Ukraine: Interdisciplinary data sprint with Telegram Archives” together with Taras Nazaruk and Yarden Skop

2022︎︎︎Co-organisation of online-event series “Memory under Fire” on data practices during Russia’s war in Ukraine with media and cultural scientists from Ukraine and beyond, together with Yarden Skop

2021︎︎︎Talk “Fieldwork Interviews for Internet History” at the “Interviewing in Practice and Theory” workshop, University of Siegen in Siegen

2021︎︎︎Talk “Maintenance of the Media Technology” at the “Fantasies of Seamless
Interoperability” series of talks organised by Architektūros Fondas in Vilnius

2019︎︎︎Discussion participant at “News from Elsewhere” discussion on the cultural politics in Poland and Lithuania at the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius

2019︎︎︎Talk “Internet as Infrastructure in Lithuania” at the “Decoding Europe: Technological Pasts in the Digital Age” conference at the University of Luxembourg in Luxembourg

2019︎︎︎Talk “In-between State Becoming – the Politics of Multiplicity Today” at MO. museum in Vilnius (together with V.Rusinaitė)

2019︎︎︎Roundtable discussion in the context of the exhibition “Waiting for Another Coming” and the latest issue of cultural magazine “Obieg” at the Center for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw

2018︎︎︎Talk “Internet as Infrastructure Development in Lithuania” at the EASST Conference in Lancaster

 2018︎︎︎Co-organisation of the international workshop on media politics Post-X Politics at the Leuphana University Lüneburg, together with Nelly Yaa Pinkrah and Clemens Apprich

2016︎︎︎Co-presentation of  “CivicBudget” project at the Participatory Budget conference @ Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University, Boston

2013︎︎︎ Digital political communication effects for political decision making processes based on fieldwork in Sweden, Iceland, Germany, UK in the framework of “Studienkolleg zu Berlin” program @ Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Berlin
LECTURES (selection)

SoSe 24: Digital War Witnessing

SoSe 24: Digital Disinformation in Europe

WS 23/24: Geopolitical Imaginaries and Digital Media (EUV)

WS 23/24: Digitalisation and Disinformation (EUV)

WS 22/23: Introduction to Media Studies (Uni Siegen, in German)

WS 22/23: Geopolitcs and Media (Uni Siegen, in German)

SoSe 22: AI History, conflicts, phenomena (Uni Siegen, in German)

WS 21/22: Digital media ethnography (Uni Siegen, in German)

WS 21/22: Situating the Internet (Uni Siegen, in German)

SoSe 21: Obscure Algorithms? Investigating algorithmic accountability and geopolitics (Uni Siegen, in German)

SoSe 21: Digital Methods project: algorithmic bias (Uni Siegen, in German, together with J. Preuß)

WS 20/21: Critical Approaches to Digital Media Economies (FU Berlin, together with I Dachwitz)

WS 20/21: Media Cultures (Leuphana University & Hamburg Media School)

WS 17/18: Communicate, Create, Share: Exploring Economies of Digital Media (Leuphana University & Hamburg Media School, together w I. Dachwitz)

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